Review of completed suicide and suicidal ideation in oncologic patients from a geographic classification

The risk of suicide in oncology is almost two times higher than in the general population, mainly associated to mental health disorders and diagnosis. A literature search of MEDLINE, PsycINFO, ISOC and CISNE between 2004-2015, yielded 823 articles of which the abstract were reviewed for their relevance. Two hundred fifteen articles were identified as relevant and following application of inclusion and exclsuion criteria, 68 articles were included in the review. The suicide behaviors risk was higher in the USA, Sweden and South Korea. Mainly in men, with more violent methods of suicide, age (young adults and older>60), with prostate, lung, pancreas, head and neck tumors. There was high prevalence of suicidal behaviors in cancer population, however the differences between countries show how little risk factors has been researched.

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